When a King Mattress is Right for You

Buying a mattress that’s too small is one of the most common mistakes new mattress buyers make. If a couple has been sleeping on a standard double bed, they may not realize how little space they actually have; even a queen size bed can be too small.

In fact, being disturbed by a partner is the number one sleep complaint for people sharing a bed. Thankfully, mattresses come in a variety of sizes, and it’s possible the king mattress is the right one for you, especially if you’re a sprawler who likes to move freely through the night.

Many sleep doctors recommend a king-size mattress for the best undisturbed sleep. And when you start having kids and pets pile into bed with you, you’ll be thankful for that extra room!

King-size mattresses actually come in two popular lengths, standard king and California king. The standard king-size is 76 inches wide by about 80 inches in length, about 16 inches wider than a queen-size mattress, roughly the equivalent of pushing two twin beds together.

A standard king is a great choice for couples wanting the maximum personal sleeping space. Before making that purchase, check your room dimensions to make sure the king mattress will fit nicely into the bedroom.

Also, take into account the size of your nightstand and whether you use one or two. While you’re at it, think about how you’re going to move the mattress into your bedroom and measure the hallways, doors, and the stairwell the mattress will need to fit through.

The California king is approximately 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than the standard king. This mattress is good for large or especially long bedrooms, helping to fill the room while giving you plenty of room for a great night’s sleep.

Whatever size you decide on, stop by one of our locations and let one of our highly trained staff find the mattress that’s just right for you. We’ve got a huge selection from America’s top manufacturers at prices our competitors can’t even begin to match.

So come by today, and remember that at Mattress Direct, we’ll always give you the best rest for less!



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